I obviously haven’t done much about this new blog, now, have I? Part of it is because WordPress and my computer really don’t like each other, as my computer is seriously outdated and WordPress doesn’t work right with my old browser. So doing anything with the blog takes a reeeeeally long time. Also, I kind of think the whole appeal of a family blog is in the pictures and I’m not really taking any good pictures lately. We updated to a new camera before Miriam was born, and even though it was supposedly a “better” camera, it takes terrible pictures, especially indoors. So I take most of my pictures with my phone these days, and since my phone doesn’t talk to my computer either, and blogging from my phone is painful, I’m kind of at a standoff when it comes to pictures.

But the bigger issue is that I’ve always struggled with the question of why. Why put our lives online? I love reading so many other beautiful, creative, helpful blogs, but have a hard time with why I need to add to the millions out there.

But I keep coming back to the documentation. I would love to think that I could keep a beautiful journal of thoughts and photos of our family life, but the fact is it’s easier to do online, and easier if you think someone is reading. I love that I have the record of family life from our marriage up until I stopped writing sometime last year at our old blog. I’m sad I don’t have as complete a record of the past year. So if keeping a blog inspires me to document just a little bit more, I’ll do it for now. Hopefully I’ll start taking better pictures soon too 🙂

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One Response to Why?

  1. I would LOVE help with the mittens for Madonna’s Center. I know they would love any help they could get, too. It’s such a great cause. The woman who started it is in my Parish ❤ Anyways, I couldn't find a way to contact you…would you mind e-mailing me? Farmergopi@yahoo.com

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