Yarn Along, (and a finished project)

I started this new blog primarily to document my various crafty endeavors, but so far haven’t gotten in the habit of posting here much at all. But today I’m joining Ginny for my first Yarn Along linkup of the new blog, to show you both my most recent finished project and what I have on the needles now.

I recently finished my very first pair of socks! Paul has been asking for handknit socks since before we were married, but I thought they were intimidating. While I still think it’s intimidating to knit anything on size 3 needles, I did a pair in worsted weight with size 6 needles and the actual process was not difficult at all. I finished them the day before Valentine’s Day for his Valentine gift. And they even fit! Whew! Ravelry notes here.


The day I finished, I stopped at the yarn store to get the perfect yarn for a birthday/Pascha sweater for Miriam. Her second birthday falls two days before Pascha this year (so, on Holy Friday, poor girl. I think we will be celebrating on Bright Saturday instead), so I figured I could kill two birds with one sweater. I knew exactly what I wanted and had a hard time finding it. I wanted a cap sleeved sweater to go over a white Pascha dress, very much the same shape as her “In Threes” but with an eyelet pattern in the body. The closest I could find was the “lila[c]loud” pattern, which is only written as 12 month size. So this is the first pattern I have purposely and carefully sized up (rather than just guessed) by checking gauge and swapping out yarn weight and needle size. I’m making it in worsted weight, a beautiful pink madelinetosh, with size six needles. Nicole, of Frontier Dreams, sized one up for her four year old and it turned out great, so I’m hoping this works out too! I’m also hoping to cap the sleeves, which might be tricky with the lace pattern on the sleeves, so we’ll see how it works.


Since I’ve been knitting up a storm, I haven’t been reading much for myself, just bits and pieces of things here and there, but we read some of this collection of original Thomas the Tank Engine stories every day, usually multiple times. James is obsessed! I told him not to say “darn it!” any more since it wasn’t polite for little boys, and so instead he says “rubbish!” like the trains 🙂

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3 Responses to Yarn Along, (and a finished project)

  1. Michelle M. says:

    That looks very nice! I just taught myself crocheting… today! 🙂

  2. Mimi says:

    Ooooh, I’ve always wanted a pair of hand-knitted socks (not enough to actually learn how to do it, but yeah 🙂 ) And, wow! Miriam’s birthday is Holy Friday this year! That happened to our priest a couple of years ago.
    Huge hugs! Love always.

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