Backblogging: Miriam’s Pascha Sweater


Way back last winter, I posted about starting Miriam’s Pascha/birthday sweater, and never showed the finished product. I did indeed finish it before Pascha and her birthday (her birthday fell on Holy Friday this year), which is maybe the only time I actually finished something on its original deadline. It ended up being one of my favorite knits, and she wears it all the time. I have found capped- or short-sleeved sweaters to be very useful – they add a layer of warmth over long-sleeved dresses or shirts, and don’t get as dirty, since it’s usually the sleeves that get dragged through food and make the whole sweater need a washing. I upsized this from a pattern that was written only for a 12 month size. I only wish I had made it an inch or two longer, as it is roomy enough for her to wear for a while, but not all that long. It has three button holes, but I will probably just snip off that last button – I made the button holes kind of far apart and I think it looks better with just the two buttons, so I never button the last one. Ravelry notes here.


Trying it on with her Pascha dress. Miriam said they were playing “Rosies” (Ring Around the Rosy) and James said they were getting married.


Waiting for Pascha


Blocking – the color is a little off in this one.



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One Response to Backblogging: Miriam’s Pascha Sweater

  1. Valerie says:

    You do such beautiful handwork! And congratulations on the birth of Sophia Catherine!!! I enjoyed reading her birth story and her about her naming ceremony. Beautiful! I name my daughter Mary Catherine (after our Blessed Mother and Saint Catherine of Siena).

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