Out and About in Portland: Oregon Rail Heritage Center

We try our best to make Saturdays “Family Day” and do something fun together. This past Saturday my idea of fun was to stay home and finally get the house clean while Paul took all three kids away for awhile. But then he found something way too fun for the mama to miss (and too far away to take the nursing newborn to) so the housecleaning was abandoned and we all went to the Oregon Rail Heritage Center and took an hour-long ride on one of their historic trains. James has been obsessed with trains for most of his life, so this was very exciting! He was also excited to dress the part in his train sweater and “conductor hat.”


James putting up with me posing him with the sun in his eyes. He’s so patient.


Miriam has a thing for rocks. She was very excited about the rock she found on the way in.


We thought it was funny that we brought them somewhere where there were real, live, HUGE trains and they mostly wanted to play with the toy train tracks that were exactly like the ones they play with every day at home.



The biggest, most impressive steam engine used to do the Portland to Spokane run.



The train ride we took was beautiful. We sat in the very front row behind the engine (this is our view of the engine). The route took us south from downtown along the river, and almost all of it was through woods and along the river without a building in sight. It stopped at the amusement park and then went back. James was a little scared of the horn, as it was very loud and we were right next to it, so we moved back a little on the way back.




James is already asking when he can go back on the train. Hopefully we will do their Christmas run on one of the steam engines (and maybe James’ best friend, cousin, and fellow train lover could come along….hint to Auntie ‘Lyssa!)

We have so many fun adventures in and around Portland, I hope to make regular Out and About in Portland posts. I’ll try and tag them, so as the number of posts grow, it might be useful for other families looking for fun things to do!


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