Out and About in Portland: Renaissance Faire! (backblogging)

I married a pretty geeky guy. He’s a computer programmer, he asks for calculus books for Christmas, he plays outer space board games, he reads ancient Greek for fun. And not only did he talk me in to attending a renaissance “faire,” he bought us costumes. We dressed up, the kids dressed up. We even dressed up the baby.

It was super fun. Even if it was horrendously hot and I was all of 30 days postpartum.


This whole culture of renaissance faires is new and mysterious to me. There were teenage boys in elf ears flitting about, teenage girls talking in Shakespearean English at all times, and grown women dressed up as fairies.


I mean, a lot of them! And look, guys on stilts! Not sure what this has to do with the Renaissance, but then again, it seems like this was more of a Tolkien fair, or Game of Thrones, or Dungeons and Dragons fair than anything to do with a historical period. Which is ok with me. It’s more fun with fairies and elves and stuff.


I don’t actually have any idea what they dressed babies in back then (or in Middle Earth) so I put Sophia in a embroidered white tunic and called it good. We had to hang out in the shade for a bit while Paul and the big kids watched the joust, since I was worried about overheating my four week old baby.


I was pretty impressed with this lady in a hoop skirt and a really serious baby backpack, in what was probably 95 degree weather.


Costumed family!


My cute little knight got a lot of attention and was generally referred to as “Sir James.” I think the Papa’s pretty cute too 🙂


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