Sophia at Six Months


Our sweet, smiley girl is six months already! She is so happy, so loving, so affectionate, and we all love her so. She rolls over every time I set her down, and sometimes I find her way off her blanket, having rolled several times. She is in the height of separation anxiety – she wants Mama most of the time, and can get very hysterical very fast if she wants me and I’m not the one holding her. Luckily, she still does pretty well with other people holding her if she can’t see me. We kept waiting to see if her blue eyes would turn brown like her siblings, but she seems to be keeping her sparkly blue eyes!



Stop taking pictures and pick me up, Mama!


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One Response to Sophia at Six Months

  1. Xenia Katie says:

    She is so precious! I love these pictures– you take good photographs! Smooches to Sophia 🙂

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