Out and About in Portland: Portland Children’s Museum

I decided to pick up my long-abandoned series “Out and About in Portland” with today’s trip to the Portland Children’s Museum. Paul’s parents got us a membership last Christmas and the kids love it there. I have had memberships at several children’s museums over the years. The kids and I loved the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, and the Portland museum is similar. But the best museum I have been a member of is the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC, because of their awesome outdoor space. I was always disappointed that the Portland museum didn’t have any outdoor space. But they have recently remedied that, and while it can’t hold a candle to the NC museum, I was very pleasantly surprised at what they have so far! Lots of naturally landscaped play spaces with very few rules, and the most awesome climbing tree.

On our way!


I like to document that Sophia is actually with us, so we usually take a couple “Sling Selfies.”IMG_1960

“Campsite” in the new outdoor space (not all of it is sticks and dirt :))IMG_1964

I take a lot of pictures of Miriam’s hair.IMG_1967

Amazing climbing tree!IMG_1977


Behind the sign is a water feature where  you can float wooden boats down the “river.”



On stage playing music for some dancing princesses.


Clay sculpting in the art studio.



One of James’ creations, with Miriam riding a lizard of some sort in the background.


Joint James-and-Mama creation – a kind of creepy snowman 🙂 James makes sure every creature or person he creates, in any medium, has eyebrows.




Miriam playing receptionist in the vet clinic.


Climbing space


Checking out a dog at the vet clinic



Water play



Miriam was tired, but rallied for a bit before we headed home.




Another sling selfie


Get dried off and head home!


When we got home, Miriam made sure baby Rosie had a carrier to ride in like Sophia. Miriam’s carrier is much more fabulous than any of mine!


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2 Responses to Out and About in Portland: Portland Children’s Museum

  1. There are some really sweet shots in here! Come visit us and we’ll take you for some REAL outdoor play….ice fishing! Haha!

  2. MaF says:

    How fun! All these years and we still have never been. I am adding to our summer trip list! We have been wanting to hit the zoo too…so many choices.

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