Co-Sleeping Dollies

We got Miriam this sweet little doll house for her third birthday.



And a happy little family of five, just like our family – Mama, Papa, Boy, Girl, and Baby. (There is also a Grammy and a Grampy, but those are waiting for her Christmas stocking).


The other furniture we wanted was backordered, so it only has beds, a sofa, a chair, and a nightstand. So of course her favorite thing is to put all the dollies to bed at night.



“Here Mama and Baby, time to go to bed.”

“But where is room for Papa?”


“Oh, here you go Papa! You can sleep on the couch.”


Real Papa: “Hey, wait a second!”

[These days, in real life, Mama and Papa sleep in the same bed and Baby has learned to sleep in her own bed, at least most of the time. But for the first seven months, Baby would only sleep with Mama, and she tickled Papa all night, so he would escape to the couch. Actually, she slept with Mama until nine months, but at seven months we got wise and got Mama and Baby their own bed to end up in when Baby was done sleeping alone.]

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One Response to Co-Sleeping Dollies

  1. ambermae says:

    To be fair, that couch is really comfortable.

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