Spring and Summer Manifesto (Ongoing)

Edited and reposted to show progress.

I have so many ideas of what to do this spring and summer, I have to get it all down! I am so optimistic for this season of good weather. Here in Oregon, it rains quite a lot during the late fall, winter, and early spring. Late spring through early autumn is unbelievably perfect, and we need plans to take advantage of every day! We just moved into a new house, with much more room to have guests, and we have a huge yard and a gas grill on the way as an awesome gift from Paul’s parents. And I’m not pregnant! Summers when pregnant vs. not pregnant are very different 🙂

1. Go someplace beautiful, every week.
Forest Park
Portland Audubon Society
Portland Rose Gardens
Elk Rock Gardens
Pittock Mansion
Sauvie Island
Japanese Gardens
Chinese Gardens
Vashon 4th of July! Monastery while we’re there?

2. Invite friends over to play (daytime) every week
Not doing great at every week, but working on it!

3. Invite people over for dinner, every week.

4. Go to the beach

5. Go to Ireland!
     Did it!

6. Do a new art project every week, preferably a messy one

7. Plant something every week, especially perennials
Brought home a whole bunch today to catch up 🙂

8. Eat outside most of the time
This is no problem – we do this even if it’s raining

9. Go berry picking
Does in our tiny front yard patch count?

10. Plant fruit trees
We’ve got one in

11. Find a place to go swimming (river, lake)

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One Response to Spring and Summer Manifesto (Ongoing)

  1. Emily says:

    Love this!! Spring really starts for me at Pascha, so I’m going to start thinking of things to put on my list:) Thanks for the inspiration!

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