Clover Cross

I love the piety of children. James brought me a few clover flowers. I told him it might be nice if he added them to the little of vase of “Mary flowers” the children are responsible for. Instead, he brought me back his little wooden cross, that he had attached the clover flowers to (rather ingeniously, by separating the two pieces, tucking the stems in, and reattaching it). He told me, “I thought it would look nice, like the big cross with the flowers and Jesus on it with the crown” [he’s talking about the large cross that the priest nails an icon of Christ to and carries through the church during Holy Week, which is later adorned with a crown of roses while we await the Resurrection]. I love that he makes these connections all on his own.

He asked me to take a picture of his cross, and I did, and immediately wrote this down to remember.


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