Nature Walk Fridays

FishingIMG_3244 IMG_3259

IMG_3268 IMG_3273

I love Maidenhair ferns.IMG_3279

I took 180 pictures and Miriam is running in about two thirds of them.IMG_3281

I decided I needed evidence of the last days of baby feet before they turn into big kid feet.IMG_3295 IMG_3317 IMG_3335 IMG_3343 IMG_3349 IMG_3351

Stinging nettle. See below 😦IMG_3353 IMG_3354 IMG_3372

“Miriam, what do you think might live in that little hole?” “A DRAGON!”IMG_3373

“Mama, we found a CASTLE!”IMG_3378

Aaaaaalmost asleep little one.IMG_3383 wrap

We have a new spot that we love – the nature preserve trails behind the Portland Audubon Society. We play at Balch Creek for a while, eat a snack or lunch depending on the time, and then take a little hike. We don’t have any “learning agenda” but the kids like to know what plants and bugs are so we do our best to figure it out. Unfortunately, this last trip necessitated a lesson in how to identify stinging nettles after Miriam pushed a tall one away with her hand. And that experience made them very wary of the Oregon Grape growing everywhere for some reason, so they learned that one too.

We always leave way too late, like after 10 am. One of these days I will learn to get everything packed and ready Thursday night. I carry Sophia in a wrap in front (she’s usually tied on to my back, but I wear a backpack for our hikes) and took a bunch of baby selfies. She’s such a ham. She always notices the camera and makes her giant wide mouth grin at her picture in the lens.

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2 Responses to Nature Walk Fridays

  1. mamarissa says:

    Hi! Love following you & your sweet family on IG. I was curious, would you mind if I picked your brain about Portland living, which parish you attend, homeschooling in Oregon, etc? My husband & I have considered moving to the greater Portland area for many years, & we are starting to look at what it would take for us to get up there (we currently reside in Southern California). Naturally, I’d love to hear about homeschooling there, if midwifery is easily accessible, if there’s a parish where we might find other families with young, homeschooling kids to connect with…among other things. No worries if connecting isn’t a possibility; I just thought I would ask. =) My email is rissawebster at mac dot com if you are inclined to write! ❤

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