Throwback Thursday

A couple of Instagram friends raided their old Flickr accounts for old pictures for Throwback Thursday, and it was super fun to see their photos from two, five, or even eight years ago. I wasn’t on Flickr for long, and haven’t even looked at the account for years, but their posts made me curious about what might still be there. There were about 550 photos to reminisce over, but there were a few that struck me because I can see little glimpses of my future (now present) life.

First there was the room I redecorated when I moved back in with my parents for a year before I got married (I didn’t know Paul yet).


First, that single bed, where I slept all by myself every night. Hard to even remember what it was like to sleep all night long by myself, without four other people waking me up! Last night I was woken up practically every hour, and ended up with a baby in my bed at 6 am-ish. That chest next to my bed became our first “preschool” shelf as we gathered around it for our very first year of learning at home. That green rug is now in our current playroom/learning room. And this Mystical Supper icon has hung over all four of our family’s dining rooms.



That chair, old even back then, has now had three babies nursed in it and now sits in the children’s room, where I sing to them in it every night. That little nightstand, and the cloth on top of it, is still next to the chair, with a bouquet of flowers that Miriam picked out on her recent day along with Mama, and a guardian angel icon. The knitting basket on the floor has been repurposed as our preschool book basket.

Of course, the most obvious thing when looking at these is that it’s so tidy. It was a tiny room to move back in to after living in a house, so it’s plenty cluttered, but still, I could put things away and have them stay there. I could paint a floor white and have it not be the dumbest idea ever. I admit I might feel a tinge of nostalgia for that, but, of course, I’d much rather have the mess and chaos of my little munchkins any day.


And speaking of munchkins, the other photos I saved from my Flickr today were of my first little munchkins. I was a live-in nanny for two children, and when the boy was four and the girl was two, the mama had another girl. Sound familiar? Yeah, I got married and basically copied their family exactly. How crazy is that? It’s not like you can plan these things. Eight years later, I have a thoughtful, curious, slightly bossy, dark-haired, brown-eyed four year old; a funny, mischievous, three year old with curly dirty blonde hair and brown eyes; and a sweet baby girl, the only one with blue eyes. Exactly like my little nanny-babies. Before I left them they gave me a coffee cup with the three of them on it, just a little younger than my three kids are now. It strikes me as strange anew every time I use the coffee cup.



And guess what else I was doing eight years ago? That’s right, wearing babies. I met nanny-baby number three the day she was born, and just two weeks after she was born, I started caring for her for most of the work day. Her parents were devoted babywearers, and had brought their favorite carriers with them from Israel, where they were from (and, alas, where they returned). So that nanny job was great practice for caring for babies. I left that nanny job to take a job back home for a family with six children seven and under, so I had quite a lot of practice under my belt before I had my little James!



Those four girls became my flower girls less than one year later.


That was a fun little trip down memory lane!

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2 Responses to Throwback Thursday

  1. I love, love that floral chair!!!

  2. Emily says:

    What a fun post!

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