Yarn Along: First Birthday Ball


After nearly a year and a half, a new baby and a giant knitting break, I finally finished the Shale Baby Blanket. I’m sure that will get blogged soon, after it’s done blocking. So now I am reveling in being able to knit little tiny things that are done in a day or two. Yesterday I started a little ball to felt for Sophia’s first birthday next week (I’ve knit one before). I had all the yarn in random single skeins or scraps (including scraps from the aforementioned blanket), except after knitting four colors I decided it was sorely in need of goldenrod. Luckily (or not, depending on your perspective) a new yarn store opened up just a few minutes down the road. I ran out after dinner, and from going out to the garage to coming back in took twelve minutes, and then I was in possession of some goldenrod.

The yarn is wound for an autumn cardigan for James, my only child to never receive a Mama-made sweater. My grandmother lives part-time in Ireland and brings back beautiful handknit wool sweaters, so he’s never needed one. But I bought yarn in Ireland to finally make him one. Hopefully will cast on tonight after I finish this little ball.

As for reading, I was listening to Great Expectations aloud during my morning walks. I’ve had to keep my morning walks to only once or twice a week lately, because otherwise I get a tendonitis flareup, and I decided I much prefer reading books to listening to them. It’s amazing to me to compare the experience of listening and reading the same book. It engages different senses and affects both my experience and memory of the story.

I’m a day late for a Yarn Along, but I will link it anyway.

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