Fourth of July

I just realized I forgot to post photos from the 4th of July. My grandmother’s house is on Vashon Island. My parents grew up here (within walking distance of each other), I lived here as a young child, and my siblings, cousins and I have spent many, many summers and holidays at this house, which serves as the gathering place for the extended family and many friends. There has always been a big 4th of July party here, since there is a giant fireworks display that happens directly in front of the house, so close that we can sometimes get ash raining down on us and floating in the pool. The house just went on the market, so we knew there was a chance this could be the last big 4th of July at the family home.

This 4th was a bit different, since some cousins and my sister were not able to make it due to recent moves and other obligations. Those missing included everyone else with kids. I was worried that my kids would have no one to play with, a first for our family gatherings that would normally include their eight cousins on my side. Luckily, our longtime friends the Wells came with their sweet kids Finn and Anouk and they were fast friends. 4th of July is saved!

Be forwarned: there are 37 pictures in this post 🙂 Mostly for the benefit of the absent family members who want to see what they missed.

Miss Paige with Finn, Anouk and James.

IMG_3087 IMG_3095

Sophia trying to climb down the stairs headfirst. She did that a lot.

IMG_3096 IMG_3102 IMG_3109 IMG_3112 IMG_3115 IMG_3121 IMG_3122

Fairy house.IMG_3125

Miriam was very proud of her “trick.” We had to keep a close eye on her because the water on either side was definitely way over her head! I love how she holds her arms out for balance.


Boys and their bugs.IMG_3144 IMG_3147 IMG_3152 IMG_3153 IMG_3154 IMG_3156 IMG_3158 IMG_3159

James trying the “trick,” a little more cautiously with a life jacket 🙂

IMG_3165 IMG_3180

Auntie Rosie! AKA Jenny Rose Wilson, who earned her DOCTORATE in Nursing Practice and her certification as a Nurse-Midwife just weeks before. She is now Dr. (and Midwife) Wilson!

IMG_3185Auntie Rosie is an excellent babywearer and scoops up Sophia in a sling or wrap whenever she can. Sophia is very happy about it. We decided a lovely wrap would definitely be a good baby shower present someday. Paul said we should cut to the chase and just get one as a wedding present, whenever the wedding might happen. Ahem. 🙂

IMG_3186 IMG_3189

Some aunties having a chat. IMG_3191

My parents!


Uncle Jonathan and his epic hair.


My Uncle Bob.

IMG_3200A copy of a family picture two years ago, where we are wearing almost the same things and Miriam was a two month old baby. IMG_3214

All my kids loved my Uncle Jack. James was so attached to Uncle Jack and his games that he insisted over and over that Uncle Jack had to come have a sleepover at our house “for ONE HUNDRED DAYS!” and he cried in bed at night because Uncle Jack had to leave the next day. Uncle Jack had to come in and console him himself.


The kids spent hours and hours a day in the hot tub.IMG_4446 IMG_4448 IMG_4451



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2 Responses to Fourth of July

  1. wow, what an incredibly beautiful home!!! and lovely people also! God bless you all! 🙂

  2. ambermae says:

    Your uncle Bob looks like my dad! Weird.

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