September Booklist


I spent some time making up a list of books for September. They include autumn books, books for our autumn nature study unit, fairy and folk tales, and books for some of the feasts of the Church in September. Our subject for nature study for this autumn is trees – identifying, learning the life cycle, lots of art projects with the leaves, and more. We’ll especially focus on identifying the trees in the forest we visit each Friday. In September specifically, we’ll also learn about apples like in previous years, along with apple picking with friends and plenty of apple art and baking. The apple books will only be on September’s list, the autumn and tree books will stay on the lists for October and November as well. This list does not include the chapter books we’re reading through, since I don’t really plan ahead with those or chose them seasonally. We just finish one and then pick up another. Maybe I’ll post our chapter book list somewhere else.


Below is attached a PDF of my booklist for September. They do not all have the author’s listed. I’m sorry if that’s confusing. If I get around to it, I will come back and edit this posts with Amazon links. We own some of these (or have them on the way) and I’ve marked the ones I intend to request from the library. I’ve had all those Elsa Beksow books pretty much permanently checked out from the library because I’m so annoyed that Amazon does not sell the full-sized versions and I have no interest in buying “mini” editions. So far I’ve been too cheap to pay shipping to buy from another seller. Ah, well. I’ll get them someday.

September Booklist

As for sources, some of these I pulled from a few booklists that I’ve found helpful.

Anna’s Reading Through the Year of Grace
Katherine’s Picture Book Read-Aloud List
Delightful Children’s Books’ 9 Children’s Books About Trees

And I always look to the Ambleside Online booklists when looking for good book suggestions (the link is to “Year 0,” which is for children under age six or so).

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