Sophia’s 1st Birthday

What a lovely year it has been, the first year of our lives with our sweet little Sophia Catherine.

I took these photos on her birthday while she happily played outside. She loves crawling around outside more than anything. Except maybe dog water.

IMG_3651 IMG_3652


She had a very unattractive but still delicious lemon-yogurt cake for her birthday.


She got a couple of board books and a ball that I knit, felted, and stuffed with wool and an egg shaker.


Her big present was this little dolly. Miriam named her Dolly-a, and we decided that therefore she could rightly be Dahlia, the companion of Miriam’s dolly Rosie.


But, as happens with so many things in little sister life, Dahlia was totally appropriated by Miriam!



I have a feeling Sophia will have to get another dolly for her second birthday since I’m not sure we can wrestle Dahlia away from Miriam now.

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