James is FIVE!

Since five is a big deal, you know, we did a lot of celebrating, and there are a corresponding number of pictures in this post.

First, we made a cake. He requested chocolate cake (we did cupcakes) with chocolate frosting. Smart boy.

IMG_3706  IMG_3726 IMG_3729 IMG_3734 IMG_3747 IMG_3753 IMG_3759

He will dutifully show you five fingers, but he prefers to actual form a “5” with his hands if given the choice.


I really think Miriam was even more excited about his presents than he was.


Most presents received an excited “hooray!” and a round of applause from her.

IMG_3772 IMG_3776

James also requested a family walk after opening presents. We were dogsitting my parents’ dog – a favorite of the family – Kaya, so she came with us.


James, after many requests, got his own doll for his birthday. After a few vetoed names, he became Jonathan.


Miriam has Dahlia, the doll she appropriated from Sophia, in her fabulous baby carrier.

IMG_3813  IMG_3821

Coming back to our house at dusk. I love that big oak tree over our house.

IMG_3823 IMG_3825

We also made a tent to read in before the thunderstorms were due to arrive the next day.

IMG_3830 Two weeks later, we had another birthday celebration with good friends. IMG_3886 IMG_3897

Sweet Masha holding her mama’s hand.


James had so much “help” with his candles we had to light them three times to give him a shot at them 🙂

IMG_3910 IMG_3915

Later, we were invaded by what we could only guess were gypsies coming to steal the baby.

IMG_3921 IMG_3924

Happy birthday, sweetest of little boys! Five years with you has been better than I ever could have asked for.

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