Rainbows in the Kitchen

There are two new pretties in the kitchen area. First, I tried my hand at my first window star in honor of the new school year. It’s kind of funny, because in a fit of bad attitude recently, I was muttering in my head about Waldorf and all those stupid rainbows. Rainbows everywhere. Can’t buy anything Waldorfy without there being a dang rainbow on it. Waldorf-inspired homeschooling = rainbows all over your house! And then I decided to make a window star and was all, oooh, let’s make a pretty rainbow one!

I don’t think I overlapped them quite right, but it looks cute and colorful in our window.


The other pretty also includes rainbows. Rainbow colored coffee cups. Because my husband spoiled me rotten with a beautiful espresso machine for our anniversary. You guys, I never would have decided on my own to get one of these, but it is so awesome. Coffee-shop level coffee in two minutes, whenever we want. I’ve been drinking six shots a day. A latte first thing in the morning. An Americano later in the morning. Iced latte with my homemade vanilla syrup in the afternoon. The rainbow comes in with the set of coffee cups I got for my mommy-friends so we can identify whose drink is whose.



So pretty. I’m getting him a tree with a custom metal identifying tag. You can tell who got the better end of this deal.

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One Response to Rainbows in the Kitchen

  1. wow, that is a lot of caffeine! pretty cups. Be well. 🙂

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