Work Clothes: Fr. Seraphim

This was so fun to watch, for several reasons! First, the priest interviewed is a friend of Paul’s from seminary. Second, the interview is one of a series on “work clothes” and talks about Fr. Seraphim’s priestly vestments. The first time I met Fr. Seraphim, he was weed-whacking at the seminary in the most beat-up cassock I have ever seen, his “work cassock” that had paint spatters on it. Fr. Seraphim is definitely a good person to talk to about work clothes! Third, the church where the interview takes place, where Fr. Seraphim is now assigned, is the church Paul and I got married in! It was fun to see it again in the video. I had no idea Fr. Seraphim was ordained at the Holy Sepulcher!

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One Response to Work Clothes: Fr. Seraphim

  1. aviendha1979 says:

    Where is his hair?? lol. He had this awesome pony tail when we were seminary. I wouldn’t have recognized him if he hadn’t been speaking! They were our neighbors in seminary. Good people.

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