Playing Hooky

I’ve been feeling a little like I missed summer. We took our big trip to Ireland at the end of May, so we kind of used up our vacation time early. I could have/should have done more summery things. But we didn’t, and now we are in September, we have started our homeschool routine. But what better time to take advantage of the freedom of not having kids in school than during the first week of school? When it is still sunny and in the 90s? So we took off for Cannon Beach for the day.

IMG_4213 IMG_4219 IMG_4222 IMG_4229 IMG_4242 IMG_4245 IMG_4252 IMG_4255 IMG_4266 IMG_4273 IMG_4293 IMG_4300 IMG_4302 IMG_4303 IMG_4311 IMG_4329 IMG_4332 IMG_4335 IMG_4344 IMG_4347 IMG_4352 IMG_4369 IMG_4370 IMG_4373

Sophia thought the sand was so awesome. The second I put her down she was doing her funny crab crawl all over the place, and kept trying to crawl straight for the ocean. The kids dug and made castles and ran away from the waves, and poked around in the tidepools by Haystack Rock.  We drank hot chocolate, dressed up in capes, chased the birds, and later went out to a very late lunch at a French cafe.

A whole day where no one had to be told to please be quiet, don’t do that, be careful, not even once. Totally free to run, barefoot, as far as one could possibly want. Free to get as dirty as possible, yell as loud as you want, run around in your underwear looking for sea creatures in the tidepools. If there is ONE thing I have found to be always true in this mothering journey, it’s that time in freedom outside calms and causes everyone to be peaceful. No conflicts, with me or with each other. Perfect trip for the first day of school.

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One Response to Playing Hooky

  1. I love cannon beach! :))) lovely pictures… hugs and love!

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