Oregon Renaissance Faire

The second annual Oregon Renaissance Faire and our second annual trip! (See last year’s photos, with a cute, very tiny Sophia, here). Again, we managed to choose the hottest of hottest days (mid-90s) to hang out all day in the fairgrounds, but we still had a lot of fun! The players all get a big kick out of dressed up kids, and especially like treating “Sir James” like a true knight. IMG_4378

One player was trying to figure out if Miriam was a gypsy or a princess. We all settled on gypsy-princess.IMG_4399 IMG_4401

This guy was really great. He had a whole armory in his tent, including armor he had made himself. He showed us all the different weapons and how they are used differently, and then gave James a swordfighting lesson! James was an excellent fighter.IMG_4415IMG_4419

James blocking…IMG_4426

…and making the kill shot!IMG_4436 IMG_4437IMG_4440 IMG_4450At the forge watching the blacksmith work.
IMG_4470James was in need of a new sword since the old one is missing, and we decided Miriam needed one too in order to be a gypsy-warrior-princess.IMG_4476 IMG_4479Miriam eating a turkey leg the size of her head.IMG_4481 IMG_4484At the joust.IMG_4489 IMG_4492You know me and baby feet. Can’t help it.IMG_4497 IMG_4498Sir James and Lady Miriam at their first swordfight.IMG_4506 IMG_4509 IMG_4511You know, a Charlotte Mason curriculum includes learning folk songs. I made a case to Paul for doing a unit on drunken pirate songs. He remains unconvinced. IMG_4516The tavern owners daughter and Blackbeard’s daughter fighting it out at the human chess game.IMG_4548 IMG_4551And right before we left, Sir James and Lady Miriam were both knighted by the queen herself. James really wanted to know how the queen decided he should be made a knight. We told him the armorer he fought probably told the queen how brave he fought. James seemed satisfied by this answer.IMG_4562 IMG_4563After their portrait with the queen, both James and Miriam turned and bowed low, receiving applause and many exclamations of “Well done, young sir and lady!”

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2 Responses to Oregon Renaissance Faire

  1. Xenia Katie says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! I’m so sorry we weren’t able to go with you, we were at Steve’s work picnic today. I’m glad you all had a great time, and we’d love to try again with you all another time! 😀 You all look great in costume!

  2. MaF says:

    Ah we missed it due to flu. Looks like they are doing a great job.
    I could completely get behind pirate songs for learning time.
    If you want to keep the theme going Shrewsbury Ren Faire is in Kings Valley Next weekend, you gotta wear those cute outfits more than once. 😉
    We are going to miss next weekend too but we will be in Ashland for Shakespeare so hey worth it!

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