Moss and Ferns, Redux

Well, this blog might just turn into a journal of our weekly nature walks. That’s ok with me.  IMG_8582

We noticed the first tree leaf buds this week and entered in our Book of Firsts. They were extremely difficult to photograph, as they were backlit and I didn’t have a macro lens, but hopefully you can see them!IMG_8583

I couldn’t get over how many different organisms grew on the tree bark. I must have taken 50 photos of close-up tree bark.IMG_8594 IMG_8600

I adore these tiny ferns. This was just an inch long. IMG_8605

This is what I drew in my nature notebook this week.IMG_8607 IMG_8609 IMG_8610

Funny furry moss.IMG_8615 IMG_8621

Our #elsieselfie of the week.IMG_8631 IMG_8637

Strange black fungi on the tree. IMG_8640

Three out of four monkeys. IMG_8650

I really enjoy taking my camera along. Usually I have not taken it because I felt it would make me distracted and not present. On the contrary, I think it helps me pay closer attention to all the small beautiful details around me. I was coveting a macro lens this week! So many cute little ferns, raindrops, and teensy lichens!

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